The search for A.I. that drives Automated Consultancy.




“Jan van de Poll has been a strong advocate for the use of AI and data-driven approaches in management for many years. In this book he pushes the envelope.

Jan not only gathers his extensive experience in this field, but also shows how broadly applicable his ideas are and how many
organizations can benefit from new ways of working.

Read and be inspired.”

Ard-Pieter de Man

Professor of Management Studies, School of Business and Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

“For the last ten years we anticipated a drastic change in the operating model of consultants, yet is was all talk and little walk. This book provides a significant building block which will create the tipping point we’ve all been waiting for.”

Camal Handor

Strategy & Operations Partner, KPMG Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

“If you’re a consultant, you should expect to increasingly find yourself competing for contracts against competitors who have embraced the automated consultancy mindset—be they new businesses built around this concept from the bottom-up, or established firms that have been able to overcome institutional inertia and move with the times.

And you may well find that those competitors are able to offer clients richer, more far-reaching insights or services delivered at a much lower cost; or in some cases, both.”

(Quote of an editorial about Dr. Jan van de Poll by Source Global Resource, March 2020)

Fergus Navaratnam-Blair

Source Global Resource, London

Data is the new oil. So, who drills first?

Data is the new oil.
So, who drills first?



Advising corporations about digital transformation while remaining one of the
most under-automated industries themselves.
A business model built on friction. With an abundance of sticky notes & flipcharts and a lack of urgency. Oh, the joy of billing by the hour!



In a real hurry to dominate every organization, household, and individual with their technology. Driving the world economy to be essentially friction-free. Where doing business online is the default , algorithms are eaten for breakfast and where the mobile is the chosen device.



For grabs: the patterns and predictions of automated consultancy, For the Big-4, the way to lock-in their clients and expand their markets. For Big Tech, a necessity to maintain their growth curve. It’s the ultimate competitive advantage. Who gets it, guards it!  

At stake: a consultancy market of $400 billion.

In “Who Drills First?”, Dr. Jan van de Poll unveils how to start the drilling. Learn what eliminates friction. Witness the unexpected lessons of peanut butter. Get acquainted with digital assets. Understand the prerequisites to harness patterns. Only some of the essentials of a Big Tech defense. To get you started, you can get your copy of the introduction and the first chapter of this book. Don’t miss it.

Consultancy Customer Journey

Before automated consultancy, the traditional customer (or client) journey consisted of a client Call, a client visit with a lot of Rhetorical questions (“Would you like to improve?”), then an Examination of available data (usually a round of interviews) followed by a lot of Excel work resulting in a PowerPoint presentation to the board. Add this up, and you get the C.R.E.E.P. client journey.

The possibilities to create your client journey using automated consultancy are endless. So, to see the forest from the trees, this poster shows three different journeys using some of the technology discussed in “Who Drills First?”. Three journeys that foster an increased level of client intimacy.

These three journeys we call ”Learn,” “Like,” and “Love.”

About the Author

Dr. Jan van de Poll has ten years of experience in technology marketing on three different continents and 20 years of consultancy experience. He is a business economist, has a Ph.D. in applying artificial intelligence to organizational transformations, and is the founder of Transparency Lab.

TLab delivers the PRAIORITIZE technology platform for automated consultancy to customers in Europe and the USA and is on the Top-100 of the most promising A.I. start-ups in the Netherlands.

His book “Muurtje Factuurtje” (2018) has been nominated book of the year by the Dutch Order of Organization Consultants. Jan gets regularly interviewed about automated consultancy. Transparency Lab also publishes the academic research magazine AMAIZE (on artificial intelligence application in consultancy).

Jan is available as keynote speaker for events.